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Fascinated by human behavior and the workings of the mind? A St. Kate’s psychology major will prepare you for scientific inquiry and how to communicate scientific information in an engaging way.

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Take 32 credits per year to finish your degree in four years.

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Internships and Collaborative Research Opportunities

In our nationally recognized General Psychology course, you will learn how to conduct and evaluate scientific research.

The seminar course Psychology Engages the World will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a service-learning experience with working professionals.

In addition, as a major in psychology at St. Kate's, you will have opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects and to present your findings at conferences and professional meetings or co-author an article for a peer-reviewed journal.

Paid department positions, such as lab assistants and statistics tutors, provide you with the opportunity to build your leadership and communication skills while assisting other students. Internships will also build your portfolio and increase your career competitiveness following graduation or for further study.

Psychology major students studying on the St. Paul, Minnesota campus of St. Catherine University.
Careers in Psychology

With the St. Kate’s psychology degree, you will be prepared to pursue a range of career options in a variety of settings, including

  • nonprofit social service organizations
  • hospitals
  • government agencies
  • marketing or public relations firms
  • residential treatment centers
  • schools

A degree in psychology will also position you for graduate studies in counseling, mental health, or clinical psychology, among other fields.